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Automatic Gates in Melbourne


Our technical staff can assist in the right automatic gate opener for your needs. We offer a range of both swing and sliding automatic gate motors, well known brands with full warranties and spare parts readily available. Keypads, Transmitters, Proximity Cards, Key Switches and Solar Power Gate openers are a few options that can be incorporated with automation units.


Automatic Gate openers include BFT, Arco, Centurion, Merlin and GDS.


We offer good quality automatic gate openers, whether it’s for a domestic or industrial application.


If it is a large single vehicular gate, pair of swinging gates, Sliding gates, Cantilever gates, Overhead or Bi Sliding Gates we have the motor to do the job.


Our automatic gate openers all come with a full warranty and spare parts are always available.

Enjoy the Convenience and Security of Electric Automatic Sliding and Swing Gates in Melbourne at Cost-Effective Prices


Long Life Gates provide elegant electric gates in Melbourne to help secure your home or business while still being convenient to users. Our gates are custom-made to be a beautiful addition to your property. Your gate makes an important first impression on your guests, and we will work with you to convey the statement you wish to portray.


Benefits of Electric Gates in Melbourne


Your gate serves two main purposes, security, and aesthetics, and we strive to create gates that satisfy both needs. At the same time, it should be convenient and easy to use. Our automatic electric gates provide many benefits to business and homeowners.


Automatic swing gates provide convenience and security because you and your guests won’t have to get out of their vehicle to open it. If you have a standard man-powered gate you must exit your car, open the gate, get back in your car and drive through, then get out of your car to close the gate. Inclement weather only makes the tedious process even worse. Getting in and out of your vehicle also leaves you vulnerable to malicious people. Electric gates allow you to stay in the safety and comfort of your car and reduces the time it takes to enter or exit your property.


We are industry leaders in exquisite gates, and we stay innovative in the types of technology we can offer to enhance your electric gates. For example, we will discuss remote entry, password protection, and surveillance options with you just to name a few. Of course, the aesthetics of the gate is important, and we offer a variety of styles and building materials to complement your property. We invite you to view our gallery to get some ideas of how we can enhance your property.


We provide high-quality products, and the prices will reflect our superior customer service. However, the longevity and increased property value will offset the prices making our gates a cost-effective addition. We use durable building materials with low maintenance requirements so you won’t be doling out too much cash to keep your gate efficient and beautiful.


Sliding Versus Swing Gates


When sifting through the options, you should decide if you want a swing or sliding gate. Each comes with a specific set of characteristics for you to consider. For example, the mechanisms involved in opening typically mean swing gates are less expensive than sliding gates. The tracks involved in sliders require more hardware and installation time is slightly longer, however, if you have a dual swing gate the difference in cost may be negligible.


The tracking also requires maintenance because it must remain debris-free and obstructions may cause sliding gates to derail. However, a regular, quick sweep will take care of this. Also, they take up less space than swing gates and are less affected by wind and tend to open and close faster. The decisions may sound daunting but contact Long Life Gates, and our experienced staff can help you design the perfect gates for your needs in Melbourne.